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June 01 2016


Porno????? | Yahoo Answers

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May 20 2016


Album Review: Weezer; Make Believe


E. Fox

From the band that had us all thinking we looked like Buddy Holly comes an album that makes music dweebs everywhere think they have a chance at romping with Playmates in sunny Beverly Hills. Yes, the self-proclaimed Nerds of Rock are back with a spanking new set of 12 tracks that remind us all of those days back in middle school when a pseudo-prep grunge-punk song could get us close to a girl at that dance. You know the one I'm talkin' about. But I digress. Make Believe, Weezer's latest album, shows that even after all these years, they've still got the guts to throw a new sound to the masses. I'm particularly impressed with the first four tracks, most notably Perfect Situation and This is Such a Pity. Both exhibit a decisively Weezer' sound, while taking the band in new and experimental directions with a really great payoff. To successfully draw influence from Flock of Seagulls and Duran Duran in 2005 takes real talent, not to mention one serious pair of cojones. By the fourth track, hooked fans are rewarded with a rousing piece drawn straight from classic Weezer. Powerful and soulful, Hold Me would work wonderfully at the end of the album.

However, I'm disappointed to say, Make Believe begins to falter at this point. It seems that the band decided to forego a certain degree of originality here, going for a more prosaic, cookie-cutter sound. Whether this was an active decision to appeal to a less discerning, mid-teen audience or a reflection of a loss of creativity, it comes as quite a let down considering the album's opener. By the sixth track, We Are All on Drugs, the lyrics and tune have become so sophomoric, so simple, that I could easily mistake them for the drivel strewn across the rock scene nationwide by disenchanted teenagers in their garages and basements. It's not bad; it's just not very good either. There are high points, My Best Friend is worth a listen every now and then, and the closers, Freak Me Out and Haunt You Every Day explore some new areas of harmonics. They're actually somewhat enjoyable, but I couldn't call them exceptional by any means.

My largest complaint with Make Believe is that Weezer clearly still has a grasp on what makes rock and roll so great, but for whatever reason, don't pursue that goal to their utmost. They understand originality and experimentation, and they make some awesome music. But to cop out and take the beaten path just a third of the way into the album, it almost feels like a betrayal of sorts. How could they get me excited, ready for a set of new, fresh songs from a band I loved in my youth, and then cop out just as I'm getting into it? One can only hope that this is just a sign of them getting back into the swing of things, and that a plateau hasn't been reached with Make Believe. I'm counting on you, Weezer. Don't let me down.

Tracks one through four: 4 out of 5

The album as a whole: 2.5 out of 5

About the Author:

Screamin' E has been my live radio personality in central New York since early 2001. Currently, you can catch me on Brockport-based WBSU 89.1, the Point. For more information, contact me via email through [email protected]

Article Published On:

http://www.articlesnatch.com - Music

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May 19 2016


Porno????? | Yahoo Answers

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Angie Varona: How a 14-Year-Old Unwillingly Became an Internet Sex Symbol

Angie Varona is one of the most recognized young sex symbols on the Internet, not because she is an aspiring model, or even asking for the attention, but because her private photo account was hacked four years ago.

The 18-year-old said her likeness has shown up on porn sites, humor sites and reddit.com's now defunct "jailbait" section -- where people traded and commented on photos of underage girls, even on advertisements. There are also numerous unauthorized Facebook profiles, Twitter accounts and YouTube channels, all claiming to be Varona -- one Facebook fan page has more than 41,000 likes.

A recent Google search of "Angie Varona" turned up 608,000 original search items, including 63,000 photos tagged with her name. Many of the photos out there now, Varona said, are not her originals, but are remakes or women pretending to be her.

"They Photoshopped one of my bikini pictures," she said. "I have the original and everything. They Photoshopped the top off."

For four years Angie kept hoping the online obsession would stop, but it's only gotten worse.

"People wish to exploit me and I guess stalk me in a way...they want every picture that has ever been taken of me," she said.

This summer, in an effort to spread awareness about the dangers of photo hacking, Varona decided to tell her story to the "Miami Montage," a publication put together by high school journalism students at a University of Miami, then decided to tell her story to "Nightline."

Varona was just 14 years old when she uploaded some provocative photos of herself wearing lingerie and bikinis -- no nude pictures, she said -- to the image-sharing website, Photobucket.com in 2007. It was decision that she said has ruined her life.

"When you're 14 you don't realize that the things you do really do matter at that point," she told "Nightline" anchor Terry Moran in an exclsuive television interview. "No one ever thinks that, 'yeah, I'm going to take these pictures and it's going to end up all over the Internet.' You just do it for yourself."

At the time, Varona said the photos were intended for her then-boyfriend's eyes only, but when someone hacked her private account, suddenly her private photos were everywhere online.

"We started emailing all the websites that had it already," she said. "It just progressed instead and exploded way too much."

Varona immediately told her parents, who were "dumbfounded" when their daughter came to them crying. Her father, Juan Varona, said that while he was "disappointed" in Angie, he was angry at the people who were spreading the photos.

"At first you look at it and it's on a porn site and it's horrible," he said. "Then you look at it and say, 'It's a bathing suit picture,' I would rather have her not put it up, but it's a bathing suit picture. None of her pictures are any worse than you would see in Victoria Secret."

The family called the police and hired a lawyer, but they continued to hit dead ends as photos of Varona's provocative poses rapidly multiplied on the Internet.

"There's not really a lot you can do with that because it's not child pornography I guess, it's more child erotica, that's what they classified it as," she said. "So they couldn't really take it down off any website, which I thought was wrong. ...Basically they told me, 'yeah, you have to sit and watch it all happen.'"

When her high school classmates got hold of the photos, Varona said she was tormented and called a "slut" and a "porn star."

"You have your teenage drama, but that was the basis of everything," Varona said. "Honestly, if that wouldn't have happened, half the drama that I do have wouldn't exist."

But the nasty comments went way beyond mere opinions. Varona received numerous threats, which she said became so severe that her family had to contact the FBI.

"[People] telling me that I deserve everything that's going to come for me, that they're going to rape me when they see me because I want it and because I ask for it," Varona said. "Someone found out my address and everything... threatening me, saying that they know where I live."

She changed schools twice, but eventually, her family decided to home-school her. Unable to escape the humiliation and to stop the photos from spreading, Varona said she became depressed and turned to drugs, alcohol, even tried ran away from home.

"It's a wound that doesn't heal," said her father, Juan. "Every time it's healing, something comes up on the internet, so it's an open wound, constantly."

Varona has been criticized for putting these provocative photos of herself online in the first place, especially given that in most of the photos she is wearing little clothing. She says she was just dressing like any other normal teenager.

"When you are at the beach and you are wearing a bikini I don't know how you are supposed to not expose yourself," Varona said. "When I go out I dress like every other girl. I dress with clothes that show, I guess, off my body in a way, but I don't do it on purpose ... Because I am larger on top it just looks more provocative, but it shouldn't stop me from wearing it."

Some even claim she "planned" to have her photos leaked because she wanted attention, which Varona denied.

"They think I did this on purpose to get the fame and the popularity," Varona said. "But in fact, the truth is I want to be either a lawyer or a vet. I don't want to do anything having to be famous... [people] don't realize that it really does hurt the person, and people do make mistakes."

Varona said she regrets posting her photos online and worries that this now seedy reputation will follow her for the rest of her life.

"I took the pictures, I mean, in a way I hold myself responsible, which kind of hurts me too because it could have all been prevented if I just listened to my parents," she said. "I would have never even had a cell phone. My parents didn't even want me to have Facebook. They didn't want me to have a MySpace."

As her family still fights busty cams to have the widely-traded photos removed, Varona said she struggles to lead a normal life. The teenager, who wants to socialize on Facebook, text or email her friends and apply to college, said she feels trapped.

"I can never have a Facebook and have it private where nobody can see it because they're always going to find a way to hack it and they're always going to find me," she said. "I had problems with going out to malls, having people stare at me... It was pretty embarrassing. I never wanted to show my face anywhere."

For the now tech-obsessed generation, Varona said she wants people to learn from her story and not make the mistakes she did.

"I don't want this to ever happen to anyone else," she said. "Even after everything that's happened to me, I would never wish it on anyone else."

Return to the "Nightline" homepage

May 17 2016


Federal workers admit watching porn at work out of boredom

Some federal workers have been caught surfing office computers for X-rated websites and then told investigators they did so because they were bored and did not have enough work to do.

The Washington Times says it learned of several porn-craving government employees after requesting investigative records under the Freedom of Information Act.

According to the records, one Federal Communications Commission worker was spending up to eight hours each week viewing online porn in the office. He admitted to investigators that he perused the smut "out of boredom."

An FCC spokesman declined to tell the Times what action the agency took after the FCC inspector general conducted an investigation. The spokesman said only that the agency disciplines employees based on Office of Personnel Management guidelines.


The records also show that a Treasury Department worker viewed more than 13,000 pornographic images at work during a six-week span.

"He stated he is aware it is against government rules and regulations, but he often does not have enough work do and has free time," investigators said, referring to the Treasury http://obese-webcam.easyxblogs.com worker.

The Times said investigative memos turned up similar cases at the Department of Housing and Urban Development, the Commerce Department and the General Services Administration. The memos show the cases rarely lead to criminal prosecutions for time and attendance fraud.

At the GSA, investigators nabbed an employee who surfed the web two hours a day looking at pornography and dating sites. The agency's inspector general reported that the employee "sometimes became bored during these long hours at the computer and would often use the computer for personal uses to pass the time."

"This is apparently something that's a pervasive problem throughout several federal agencies," Pete Seep,  executive vice president of the National Taxpayers Union, told MyFox DC, adding that it could "mean millions of dollars of wasted money."


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May 13 2016


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Google Backtracks on Adult Content Ban in Blogger

After hearing feedback from Blogger users, Google today is reversing course on a plan to ban X-rated content on the blogging platform, according to a post on the company's product forums.

The search giant earlier this week announced a retroactive policy banning "graphic nude images or video" on the site, effective March 23. The new rule would have required longtime users of the blogging platform to delete old content that did not adhere to the policy or instead make their accounts private.

"We've had a ton of feedback, in particular about the introduction of a retroactive change (some people have had accounts for 10+ years), but also about the negative impact on individuals who post sexually explicit content to express their identities," Jessica Pelegio, social product support manager, wrote on Google's Product forums.

"So http://Courtney-Cummz.easyxblogs.com rather than implement this change, we've decided to step up enforcement around our existing policy prohibiting commercial porn," she added.

Blogger users who post explicit content will still be required to mark their pages "adult" so they will be placed behind a warning page, however no additional changes will need to be made to their blogs.

May 09 2016


Generation XXX: Teens Addicted to Porn? Video

Now Playing: Mom Reveals She Abandoned Three Newborns At Separate Times

Now Playing: 'Million Dollar Listing New York' Star on How He Stays a Top Broker

Now Playing: Why Some Women Change the Color of Their Skin

Now Playing: Behind the Scenes of Cirque Du Soleil's Broadway Show 'Paramour'

Now Playing: Channing Tatum Announces 'Magic Mike' Heading to Las Vegas

Now Playing: 'Biggest Loser' Contestants Open Up About Continuing Weight Battles

Now Playing: Janet Jackson Pregnancy Rumors Spark Conception Questions

Now Playing: JetBlue Turns Crying Babies on Flights into an Incentive

Now Playing: Cruz Out, What Indiana Primary Results Mean for Election 2016

Now Playing: 33 Rescued Circus Lions Get a Chance at a New Life

Now Playing: Daredevils Perform Dangerous Stunt from Crane in Moscow

Now Playing: Teens Plan Elaborate Prom-posal Stunts for Social Media Likes

Now Playing: Florida Woman Chases Alleged Voyeur Out of Target Store

Now Playing: Met Gala 2016: Fashion's Big Night Out

Now Playing: Scientology Leader David Miscavige's http://naturel-busty-webcams.easyxblogs.com Father on Their Relationship: Part 1

Now Playing: Ron Miscavige Says Scientology Tore His Family Apart: Part 2

Now Playing: Meet the Plastic Surgeon Who Films His Surgeries Live on Snapchat

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Now Playing: Susan Sarandon, Geena Davis Reunite For 'Thelma & Louise' Anniversary


Help! My teen's watching online porn

Maddie's computer was out of juice, so she hopped on her 15-year-old son's laptop. She looked at the history of something she was working on and then, bam. There were links to 40 porn sites with topics too racy for me to print.

"I was freaking out," said Maddie, whose name has been changed to protect her privacy and her son's.

She immediately did something she has never done before during her nearly two decades as a parent: called her husband out of an extremely important client meeting.

"I thought, 'Oh, my God, we need to talk about this,' " Maddie said. "There's nothing I can't handle with the kids. ... This I cannot handle," she added, remembering how she felt at the time.

"It's not like Playboy, which your father had hanging around, where you could just see naked women."

Teen online porn: The numbers

Just how many teens are watching porn online? It seems hard to pinpoint, experts say, because it's tough for researchers to get access to teens when it comes to studies about sexuality.

In one study widely cited in the media, 42% of Internet users ages 10 to 17 said they viewed porn online in the past 12 months.

But 66% of those who said they saw porn online said they weren't looking for it and saw it accidentally, according to the 2007 study by the University of New Hampshire and published in Pediatrics.Elizabeth Schroeder, a sexuality education expert who works with parents, teens, schools and organizations, says her first message to parents is that there's nothing wrong with their children because they sought out porn."It's natural. It's normal. I hate to say it, but it's likely to happen with nearly every kid. It's not just the boys' story," said Schroeder, former executive director Teddi Rae of Answer, a national sex education organization based at Rutgers University.

Hormones are raging as puberty hits, plus there's just the curiosity factor, she added.

"The discussion of porn and the acknowledgment that porn exists is so a part of mainstream media right now that it's impossible to not know about it."

What's the impact?

Schroeder says that once parents ask her why their teen would be watching online porn, their next question is typically, "What's the impact of watching it?"

We don't really know because there aren't many U.S.-based studies, Schroeder says.

"There isn't a true causation of 'I saw this in porn, and therefore I'm going to do it,' " she added. "Are there examples of that? Absolutely. Just like examples of kids who saw this violence on TV and ... acted on it, but there are so many kids who see the same kind of violence or porn and don't act on it that we can't really say there's a causation."

In a survey conducted by the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy in 2010 in conjunction with Seventeen magazine, 13% of young men ages 15 to 22 said porn influenced their decisions about sex (PDF) -- the same number who cited sex education as influencing their decisions.Cindy Gallop, founder and chief executive officer of the sex education site Make Love Not Porn, which does contain adult content, believes there is a definite connection between the hardcore online porn young men are watching and their sexual behaviors. The 54-year-old has experienced it personally. She dates men in their 20s, she said.

"I realized ... that what I was experiencing was a result of two things converging, which is today's total freedom of access to hardcore porn online meeting our society's equally total reluctance to talk openly and honestly about sex," she said.

Talking about sex

Gallop, who gave a 2009 TED talk that has been seen more than a million times and does include some verbal adult content, has dedicated herself to trying to help people of all ages talk about sex "openly, honestly, publicly ... and privately in their intimate relationships."

"Today, very few parents ever bring themselves to talk to their children about sex," she said.

And very often, parents have no clue about the kinds of things their kids are actually seeing online.

"I say to them, 'if you want to understand what's going on here, you need to go online and see what they're seeing,' " said Schroeder, the sexuality education expert.

"And what I say to them is, 'look at the ads, because sometimes the ads are way more disturbing and distressing than what they're seeing.' "

There is parental control software and pornography-blocking technology, which some parents are relying on to prevent accidental exposure to online porn and prohibiting their children from accessing it intentionally, but even the backers of this technology say it's not foolproof.

"Technology tools cannot solve the issues alone," said Clayton Ostler, director of technology for Net Nanny, software that analyzes the content of every page and blocks pornography or other inappropriate content.

"These tools are designed to be part of an overall solution that involves parenting and open conversations about why pornography is not acceptable for your teen."

Having the talk

Maddie's husband eventually had a conversation with their 15-year-old during a casual walk and told him there was nothing wrong with wanting to look at porn at his age.

"It's just that it's so different now than it was for me ... my dad leaving Penthouse on the coffee table in case I was interested," he said, according to Maddie. "You want to be careful that you are not just wildly clicking around, because there's scary stuff."

When parents confront their teens about their online porn viewing habits, it's crucial not to be accusatory, said Schroeder.

"It's really important to say, 'Lot of kids do this. You are not in trouble, but I want to talk with you,' " she said.

"I think it's OK to sit down with a child and say, 'I'm guessing that since you went on here you have some questions about sexuality. Is there anything you want to ask me?' "

If the child doesn't want to talk about that, which is entirely likely, Schroeder says, parents can leave out a book or a magazine such as Sex, etc., which is made for teens and by teens.

One of the most crucial things that kids need to hear from parents is why they are freaking out about their online porn watching in the first place.

"Here's what I'm concerned about, and let me tell you why," Schroeder says parents can say. "The images you are seeing do not represent real life. They're not made for your age group. However, here's what there is, so it's not cutting you off completely."

Maddie says she still worries a little bit about what her son might watch, but she continues to keep tabs on him by checking his history, which he doesn't erase.

"There are parents like us who believe that it's natural for them to be curious but with parameters and caution."

What do you think is the best way to talk to teens about online porn? Share your thoughts with Kelly Wallace on Twitter or CNN Living on Facebook.

May 06 2016


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1. How You Can Watch Adult Movies, Films, Shows Online and Get Away With It

Adult TV online for free of charge has become a big hit since TV networks realized that TV can be broadcast through the internet. It is now easily possible to watch sex movies on the internet for absolutely free. All you may need to do is download an easy to install satellite TV on PC program and you are as good as ready.

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Watching adult TV from the internet on your PC removes the headache of finding some private time to watch x rated movies. It is the best treat that you can ask for when it comes to offering sex TV channels in a private home office. Most people will no longer have to tip busty milf toe to the basement computer in the dad of the night to join those adult porn sites anymore.

As long as you've got everyone believing you are doing some serious work on PC at your home office, then you will have your peace. Lets not deny it, it's a fact of life.

3. No Membership Fee Required To View adult Television Online

Online adult TV channels will not require the expensive membership fee you pay to join the extreme sites. You also have a choice to make between soft and hardcore adult movies and channels. Further, you can choose to view adult TV online from other world TV channels which are available on your PC.

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To be able to watch online porn TV, you will need to download the software and install it in your PC like any other operating software. The download usually takes less than 2 minutes. Once you have downloaded the software, you will need a media player from which to watch the adult content and generally the TV shows.

A good free media player is the windows media player which can be downloaded at no charge. This media player offers you a lot of versatility in that you can adjust the picture quality, size and sound. Watch a demo of adult TV software for your pc, see below.

April 20 2016


Safer Searching For Kids Online

A safetynet for kids busty mature online. I'm Fred Fishkin with Bootcamp, a report on computers and technology. Search engines are the most heavily travelled sites on the Internet. You can find just about anything online. The problem is, sometimes you can get some surprising and unwanted results. That can be especially disturbing when your children are trying to find things online. For instance, using the Excite search tool, if you type in the word toys, the first listings you see are for adult oriented web sites. That's why another of the big search engines, Lycos, is introducing a free service called safetynet. Communications manager Michele Perry...says once they've signed up for the service at lycos.com, parents can turn the filter on and off with a password....

"This is different from a standard filtering software because unlike other services that offer you a subset of what's available on the Internet, Safetynet offers you the ability to search the entire web, or to search the web while filtering out adult content."

So you and your children won't get unwanted and inappropriate links when you search for toys, or dolls or the name of just about any movie star. Nothing can be 100 percent foolproof ...

"This in not a panacea, but Safetynet is the best software available for filtering out adult content."

Many adult sites she says deliberately try to fool search engines to try to increase traffic.

Copyright 1998 CBS. All rights reserved.

April 19 2016


Adults Only Hubpages

This suggestion is not one I wish to incorporate in the current debate which has spread over Hubpages like wildfire. It is, however, a serious suggestion- one I hope gets at least a little thought.

What would it take to have a Hubpages affiliated site which featured only adult content?

Age verification would be an issue, though your disclaimers and terms of service cover you against children using Hubpages in that all who are registered to the site must be 18. So, why not incorporate a process wherein either an AVS big cock free shemale webcams is used, or- a more time consuming solution- registering to the AHP (Adult Hubpages) requires each registrant to fax or snail mail a photocopy of their ID and a form asserting that they are who they say they are.

Non-Adult content could be shuffled off here through deactivating mainstream hubs and urging them to post their mainstream content here on Hubpages.

Likewise, adult content (or content which comes very very close) could be shuffled off toward AHP.

Just a suggestion for the hat box.

Thank you for all that you folks do, every day, every week, every hour, to keep Hubpages up and running and available for people to enjoy.


Probe CAMS Goes Paperless with Ariba

SUNNYVALE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--For many companies, automating the invoicing process means scanning and emailing documents. Probe CAMS Systems Pty Ltd took this as a first step toward improving time and cost-intensive manual processes that were hampering its operations. But the company soon realized it needed a better solution.

We had a huge backlog on a significant amount of invoices where no action was taking place, said Nicolas Glossoti, Managing Director and Eve Selling Consultant Debtors, Probe CAMS.

So the company turned to asian webcams Ariba, Inc. (Nasdaq: ARBA) and its Quadrem Network for help. Used by buyers and suppliers across industries in more than 40 countries on six continents, the Quadrem Network allows companies to electronically connect and manage procurement activitiesfrom RFQ reception and response, order confirmation, and invoice submissionmore efficiently and effectively than ever before.

Probe CAMS initially tapped into the Quadrem Network and the cloud-based invoicing solutions delivered within it to electronically receive invoices. But the company has since leveraged the platform to:

Gain greater visibility into full order history, from purchase through payment Enhance data accuracy across transactions Eliminate duplicative work Reduce processing costs Speed cycle times Strengthen audit trail and controls Improve forecasting

There was a lot of unreliability with our previous system of emailing documents, Glossoti said. With electronic invoicing, we have been able to consolidate our process and better manage and control it across our organization.

Probe CAMS joins a growing number of buying and selling organizations in the Southern Hemisphere that are leveraging Aribas network and cloud-based solutions to improve their performance and profits, including: Alcoa, Ambatha Clothing, Anglo American, BHP Billiton, Nestl, Robbies Electrical, Rio Tinto and Vale, among others.

In todays business world, who you know and how you connect with them will ultimately determine your success, said Deon Mocke, Regional Vice President, Quadrem Africa. To gain competitive advantage, companies must look beyond the four walls to connect and collaborate more efficiently with their customers and suppliers. And as innovative organizations like Probe CAMS have found, Aribas Quadrem Network is an ideal platform to do just this.

For more information on Aribas solutions and the value they can deliver to your organization, visit www.ariba.com.

About Ariba, Inc.

Ariba, Inc. is the worlds business commerce network. Ariba combines industry-leading cloud-based applications with the world's largest web-based trading community to help companies discover and collaborate with a global network of partners. Using the Ariba Network, businesses of all sizes can connect to their trading partners anywhere, at any time from any application or device to buy, sell and manage their cash more efficiently and effectively than ever before. Companies around the world use the AribaNetwork to simplify inter-enterprise commerce and enhance the results that they deliver. Join them at: www.ariba.com

Copyright 1996 2012 Ariba, Inc.

Ariba, the Ariba logo, AribaLIVE, Ariba.com, Ariba.com Network, Ariba Spend Management. Find it. Get it. Keep it. and PO-Flip are registered trademarks of Ariba, Inc. Ariba Procure-to-Pay, Ariba Buyer, Ariba eForms, Ariba PunchOut, Ariba Services Procurement, Ariba Travel and Expense, Ariba Procure-to-Order, Ariba Procurement Content, Ariba Sourcing, Ariba Savings and Pipeline Tracking, Ariba Category Management, Ariba Category Playbooks, Ariba StartSourcing, Ariba Spend Visibility, Ariba Analysis, Ariba Data Enrichment, Ariba Contract Management, Ariba Contract Compliance, Ariba Electronic Signatures, Ariba StartContracts, Ariba Invoice Management, Ariba Payment Management, Ariba Working Capital Management, Ariba Settlement, Ariba Supplier Information and Performance Management, Ariba Supplier Information Management, Ariba Discovery, Ariba Invoice Automation, Ariba PO Automation, Ariba Express Content, Ariba Ready, and Ariba LIVE are trademarks or service marks of Ariba, Inc. All other brand or product names may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies or organizations in the United States and/or other countries.

Ariba Safe Harbor

Safe Harbor Statement under the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act 1995: Information and announcements in this release involve Ariba's expectations, beliefs, hopes, plans, intentions or strategies regarding the future and are forward-looking statements that involve risks and uncertainties. All forward-looking statements included in this release are based upon information available to Ariba as of the date of the release, and we assume no obligation to update any such forward-looking statements. These statements are not guarantees of future performance and actual results could differ materially from our current expectations. Factors that could cause or contribute to Ariba's operating and financial results to differ materially from current expectations include, but are not limited to: the impact of the credit crises on Aribas results of operations and financial condition; delays in development or shipment of new versions of Ariba's products and services; lack of market acceptance of Ariba's existing or future products or services; inability to continue to develop competitive new products and services on a timely basis; introduction of new products or services by major competitors; the impact of any acquisitions, including difficulties with the integration process or the realization of benefits of a transaction; the impact of our disposition, including the potential disruption of our ongoing business; the ability to attract and retain qualified employees; long and unpredictable sales cycles and the deferrals of anticipated orders; declining economic conditions, including the impact of a recession; inability to control costs; changes in the company's pricing or compensation policies; significant fluctuations in our stock price; the outcome of and costs associated with pending or potential future regulatory or legal proceedings; the impact of our acquisitions and dispositions, including the disruption or loss of customer, business partner, supplier or employee relationships; and the level of costs and expenses incurred by Ariba as a result of such transactions. Factors and risks associated with its business, including a number of the factors and risks described above, are discussed in Ariba's Form 10-Q filed with the SEC on May 5, 2012.


Why Do People Lie?

By Margaret Paul, Ph.D.

The official guide to Relationship Advice Average:

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Amanda and Ron had been married for six years and had two small children. I had counseled them during some difficult times in their marriage, but had not heard from them for a while. Then Amanda scheduled an emergency phone session with me. She was very upset.

I just found out that Rons been watching porno on the Internet and lying to me about it. I had thought this was going on a couple of weeks ago because of a site I found on the computer, but when I asked him about it, he denied it and explained it away. He is not too computer savvy he doesnt know how to delete the sites - and today I found a number of sites he has visited. I cant believe this! Im very upset about the porno, but Im devastated that he lied to me! I feel like the trust has gone out of our marriage, and without trust, what do we have? Why did he lie to me?

Amanda, how would you have responded if he had told you the truth?

I would have been really upset and disappointed in him. I probably would have gotten angry. We have a good sex life, so why is he using porno?

Well, he lied to you because he knew that this is the way you would have reacted. His lying is his way of controlling your reactions, and your anger is your way of controlling his behavior. As long as you get angry when you hear the truth, the chances are he will lie to you. As your children get older, they, too, will lie to you to avoid your anger and judgment. It takes a very strong person to tell the truth and deal with anothers anger and judgment, and Ron is not that strong. He is very afraid of your anger and judgment and will do anything to avoid it, including lying.

Are you saying its okay for him to lie to me?

No, Im not saying its okay or not okay. Im not making a value judgment about it. You asked why hes lying and Im telling you why. Lying is just another form of protection against pain, just as your anger is a form of protection against pain.

So what do I do? How do I deal with this?

Amanda, you need to shift your intention from trying to control him to being open to learning about what is behind his behavior. From his point of view, there are some important reasons why he is using porno, and why he is lying about it. Trying to control him http://naturel-busty-webcams.easyxblogs.com will only result in more lying and resistance, but wanting to learn can result in understanding and resolution. You need to approach him with caring and a desire to learn rather than with anger and judgment about both the porno and the lying. You would need to say something like, Ron, I know that you have been going to porno sites on the Internet. Please dont lie about it anymore. I know there must be some good reasons you are doing this and I really want to understand what its about for you. However, you have to be aware that the words themselves are less important than the intent behind them. If you say these same words with anger and judgment, he will be defensive. Dont ask until you feel genuinely open and caring.

Lying is always a form of control. Some people are pathological liars, having learned that they get a rush from manipulating others with lies. But most people lie when they are afraid of the consequences of telling the truth. Lying may be one end of a relationship system, with anger and judgment on the other end. Whether the relationship is a primary one between mates or between parents and children, or a relationship between friends or between co-workers, lying may be a part of it when fear of anger and judgment is an issue. Most people do not know how to handle anothers anger and judgment and may revert to being the child they were when they learned to lie to their parents to avoid punishment.

If you want to trust that people are not going to lie to you, then you need to shift your intention in your relationships from controlling to learning.

Author's Bio:

Margaret Paul, Ph.D. is the best-selling author and co-author of eight books, including "Do I Have To Give Up Me To Be Loved By You?" and Healing Your Aloneness. She is the co-creator of the powerful Inner Bonding healing process. Learn Inner Bonding now! Visit her web site for a FREE Inner Bonding course: http://www.innerbonding.com or mailto:margaret@innerbonding.com. Phone Sessions Available.


Ewan McGregor Confirms the ‘Trainspotting Sequel’ to Film Soon


Weve been reporting on the potential sequel to Danny Boyles cult classic Trainspotting for years now. In late 2010, the director was still waiting for the right time to move forward with a follow-up film. Almost exactly three years ago, Boyle had a more solid timeline in place, banking on a 2016 slot for the sequel with the original cast. Now,Renton himself,Ewan McGregor, has provided an update on the Untitled Trainspotting Sequel.

While chatting with McGregor for Miles Ahead, Steve Weintraub managed to sneak a few questions in about the as of yet untitled sequel. Despite years of delays for a number of reasons, this year will finally see the film go ahead thanks to a confluence of the cast and crews schedules, and the strength of the script. McGregor talked up John Hodges adaptation of Irvine Welshs own follow-up novel, a script which they will start filming this May. Watch the video interview below:

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ewan-mcgregor-trainspotting-sequelHeres what McGregor had to say about the timethats passed sinceTrainspotting in 1996:

Its been 10 years since Irvine Welsh wrote the sequel novel, Porno, so its been a long time, a lot of speculation. For me, too! 10 years ago, I didnt want to do it; I wasnt ready to do it. Also, there was no script.

Speaking of that script, McGregor then shared that it was the strength of Hodges adaptation that made it feel like the right time for all of them to finally hop on board:

The script only arrived very recently, which was really, really, really good.I think, if that had not happened, none of us would be into it. I think were all sort of somewhat protective of whatTrainspotting means to people, and what it means to us. None of us want to make a poor sequel to it. So had we not been presented with the most extraordinary script, which we were, I think we wouldnt be making the sequel. But because we were, we are.

Well certainly have more coverage on theUntitled Trainspotting Sequel as it becomes available, but in the meantime, be sure to check in for more from Steves interview fake taxi with McGregor. You can pass the time by watching theTrainspotting trailer below:

From the director of SLUMDOG MILLIONAIREthe motion picture sensation that wowed critics and audiences nationwide, TRAINSPOTTING delivers a wild mix of rebellious action and wicked humor! Its the story of four friends as they try to make it in the world on their own termsand who end up planning the ultimate scam! Powered by an outstanding cast of stars including Ewan McGregor (BIG FISH, STAR WARS) and Jonny Lee Miller (HACKERS) and a high energy soundtrack, TRAINSPOTTING is spectacular, groundbreaking, entertainment!

trainspotting 2 sequel poster


Ladyporn Day! Women Speak Out About Porn

"I love porn, the more hardcore the better. Costumed, stylized, fake, major genital zoom-ins"

"I want porn with some dang romance! I want to watch The Notebook with just a lot more skin involved!"

"I have a love/hate relationship with porn. Sometimes it makes me nauseous and other times makes me feel inadequate about my own sex practices. I have to find specific stories in order to enjoy."

These are just a few of the perspectives women are sharing on their relationship with porn, thanks to the first annual Ladyporn Day.

For decades, pornography has been thought of mostly as a man's game. But Rachel Rabbit White, sex journalist and blogger, has set out to change that with an online movement/forum/twitter debate on how women experience pornography. Technically falling on Feb. 22, but celebrated all week-long on White's blog, Rabbit Write, Ladyporn day was created Kristina Rose to "open up a dialogue about women and porn," White, 26, says.

The "day" has included a Twitter discussion organized at #ladypornday, a series of "porn secrets" ( like those above), where women's anonymous thoughts about pornography have been overlaid on vintage soft core porn photos, and something White has deemed the Jilling Hall of Fame, where women share their favorite porn sites.

"It can be a really daunting place to think you have to start [looking for porn] on Google. To think we have to be ok with just that kind of porn is daunting. It's important to know that there is porn for women being made out there," White, who is pictured below, says.

But Ladyporn Day isn't necessarily about female-friendly porn appreciation. It's about discussing how women feel about porn. Whether they love it, whether they wished it were more geared towards their desires, whether they feel it's de facto degrading -- all views are welcome within the Ladyporn Day discussion, White says.

The Porn Secrets aspect of Ladyporn Day involves sharing an array of viewpoints on women and porn. One woman writes on how porn helped her realize that "men truly don't only want skinny girls. In porn there are girls of literally every body type, and the men seem to think they're all beautiful." Another woman feels the opposite, writing: "porn makes me feel inadequate, ugly, and unsexy."

"We're socialized as women not to own our own desires, to not like porn. There's also a lot of anti-porn feminists from the second wave of feminism in the 1970s who say that porn is wrong and porn is degrading. While I want to totally empower women who already like porn or want to find porn they like, I don't want to erase the voices of women who don't like it. That's an important push-back to have as well. Ideally, this day is for people who do and do not like pornbecause it's about the discussion."

A Man's World and Female Friendly PornThe rocky history of women and porn traces back in part to the fact that pornography has been predominantly made for and by men, with the implicit assumption that porn is not something that women should or will enjoy, White notes.

Though more women have become outspoken about enjoying pornography in recent years, the porn industry is still overwhelmingly male-driven, which can make it difficult for women to find "female friendly" porn that they enjoy, says Duana Welch, psychologist, relationship columnist, and author of lovesciencemedia.com.

Research shows that a typical woman's fantasy has to do with just one man who shows love, commitment, and showers the woman with adoration, she says.

"The relationship has to have a role that is equivalent to the role of sex. It's the man who swears his undying love and devotion, sweeps her off her feet and gives her the best orgasm she's ever had. If a Pride and Prejudice movie had really hot sex thrown in, if that existed as a porno, it would sell for decades," she adds.

Given that many women, though not all, report that kind of relationship-driven plotline fantasy, one has only to look at the incredibly visual, non-plot-line nature of the vast majority of pornography to see that it's a male-oriented industry, Welch says. "What you see is the typical male fantasy brought to life."

Though porn for men often fuels a fantasy of extreme sexual behavior that the viewer has no real-life access to, for women, an ability to recognize their own experience and identify with the porn was key for many woman's enjoyment of pornographic material says Clarissa Smith, a professor Sexual Cultures, University of Sunderland, UK.

And while there are some women, as evidenced from some of the posters on the Ladyporn Day webpage that definitely enjoy the kind of supposedly male-oriented pornography that pervades the market, there is a growing, though very small, number of women making porn for women, White says. She hopes with the Jilling Wall of Fame to increase access and exposure to this kind of "female friendly" porn.

The Darker Side of the IndustryBut the promotion of pornography, even in the interest of female empowerment, is not always greeted with support from certain branches of feminism.

"This is a distraction to take our eyes off what's really going on, which is the increasingly brutal nature of the porn that men are using," says Gail Dines, feminist and anti-pornography activist, who continues to argue this latter point in her book "Pornland: How Porn Has Hijacked Our Sexuality."

Consistent with the second-wave feminism views that porn is generally inherently degrading to women and damaging to gender relations, Dines argues that even women who consume porn often don't realize the extent of the violence and hard-coreness in a lot of the porn out there as they are seeking out female-friendly porn.

"There are some women making pornography, but they're not really bleeps on the industry map. What I'm more concerned with is the type of porn that most men watch when they're alone," she says.

And given the often female-exploitive nature of the porn industry, Dines says that though she doesn't doubt that some women enjoy mainstream porn, it is "anti-feminist" to consume it.

"I think women watching porn is buying into the porn industry and the dominant view of culture. It's disregarding the condition of women's lives -- those women who for whatever reason have to make their living by getting penetrated on camera -- for the sake of an orgasm," she says.

But this type of hard-core, arguably female-degrading porn, isn't the entire industry, argues Smith. Critics of pornography tend to focus on "gonzo, down and dirty" porn, she says, but this is "a small but very visible niche of the porn industry," she says. "Women who engage in porn because they enjoy it recognize the differences."


Paris porno cinema makes lone stand against the Web

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Thomson Reuters is the world's largest international multimedia news agency, providing investing news, world news, business http://Vanessa-Sixxx.easyxblogs.com news, technology news, headline news, small business news, news alerts, personal finance, stock market, and mutual funds information available on Reuters.com, video, mobile, and interactive television platforms. Thomson Reuters journalists are subject to an Editorial Handbook which requires fair presentation and disclosure of relevant interests.

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April 18 2016


Ross Shifflett a.k.a "Shiffy the Kid” Debuts Sophomore Album “Chasing Bullets” on January 5, 2010

LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Somis Sound presents the Tuesday, January 5, 2010, digital release of Ross Shifflett a.k.a. "Shiffy the Kids" Chasing Bullets, the singer/songwriters follow-up project to his highly downloaded self-titled album. Chasing Bullets is available for $9.99 on iTunes, Napster, Rhapsody, and other digital music stores.

Shiffletts first new single, What Would You Say, is a soulful acoustic guitar-laden track. The album also features such radio gems such as Alabama Dance and Dancin Like A Devil. The 11-song collection of classics bridge modern Rock and classic Blues.

The buzz began the day Shiffy the Kid arrived in California and caught the ears of producer and Somis Sound CEO Erik E-Rok Richards, who quickly captured the first batch of songs. Shiffys debut received over 300,000 hits on SomisSound.com in its first month. Soon after, club owners and industry executives took notice. Ross took over the Ventura, California music scene in a flash.

Richards says, Not only does Ross write and sing his songs, he does things with a guitar that would make the most seasoned musician stop and want to play along. The passion and energy with which he Sam Summers plays flows directly from his soul to his fans.

Best known for his fresh new blend of Southern Rock and his authentic Texas sound, Shifflett's new tracks "Story of You and I" and "20 lb Hammer" are already fan favorites on MySpace.

His debut album, Ross Shifflett: Shiffy the Kid, was released in 2005 by Somis Sound and Attack Music in Canada. The project was distributed by Universal Music, and quickly garnered attention from fans across the country that welcomed the young star's compelling sound. Due to the album's overwhelming success, especially on college radio, Shifflett went on tour in the Southwestern United States. He most recently headlined the Easyriders Magazine conventions in Portland, Oregon, and San Diego, California.

The 20-year old musical renegade was born in Graham, Texas, and has been playing guitar since the tender age of 14.

Erik "E-Rok" Richards (Beck, Peter DiStefano/Porno for Pyros) produced and plays bass on Chasing Bullets.

For booking information, contact: E-Rok at (805) 444-2840 or somissound@gmail.com. For further info, visit shiffythekid.com or www.myspace.com/rossshifflettakashiffythekid.

April 17 2016


Adult Content

I daresay it would have been a tough call to make, and not one that was made in haste.

Not having published any adult content lenses I'm not going to feel the same emotion and attachment. Though if Adult Hubbers will realise that anything I have to say is not an anti-porn stance then they'll get a better idea of where I'm coming from.

Porn has a place in society. It's entertainment. Certainly it can take a grip of some peoples lives but that can be said about anything. Whether computer games, gambling, alcohol... even crossword puzzles can become an unhealthy obsession.

When I see naked bodies I don't neither froth at the mouth or feel guilty or disgusted.

I am mindful though as to what my kids are exposed to. Especially other peoples kids.

I had a good plan on pitching Squidoo to local schools as a way for them to publish assignments online and make a few dollars. Money that could be used to buy books for the school library.

Squidoo had a couple of advantages over Hubpages, mostly that it uses Paypal as a means to receive the revenue. While on one hand I think HubPages system which utilises ones own Adsense Madelyn Marie and Amazon accounts can mean more money for the Author, it would require a few more steps of explaining to teachers, principals and the P&C committee (or in the US: P&T) the hows, whys and hows of registering affiliate accounts.

I pitched this idea at a journalist. But not just any journalist. This person with whom I discussed the idea co-ordinates a region wide school newspaper competition.

Her only concern, after I explained how it would work, is whether or not the site (Squidoo) would have any questionable content (ie: porn).

While there is a splash page warning of adult content and people are supposed to rate their own lenses whether they are G, R or X rated, and of course we're seeing a LOT incorrectly rated lenses, with just a few clicks or a search a school kid could quite easily be viewing porn on the school computer.

With 20 to 30 kids in a class a teacher has only so much attention to give to each child. They are supervised, but it would take just 10 seconds of porn on the computer for all hell to break loose when parents hear about it.

I honestly didn't want my butt whipped and kicked when my sole intention was to do something good for the community.

Now the only reason why I'm outlining this is to point out how easy it is for kids to access porn. Which can easily be done with a Google Image Search. But at the end of the day if I owned a website that I wanted to be safe for EVERYONE then it'd need to be bereft of pornographic imagery.

Sad but true.

If more people in the world were just like me they wouldn't really give a toss about the odd bit of exposure of boob or even the occasional penis.

Though due to hindsight and judging someone elses plans AFTER they've been executed is a very easy thing to do. Had I gone into such a venture blind just like the good folk at HubPages Inc I probably would have gone the very route they did.

And now they're stuck with trying to plug the holes.

Despite not being a gambling man I think it's safe to bet that any Adult Hub Author who has posted in the forums here would be the type of person to correctly rate their own hubs appropriately.

And I don't think it would ever have been the intention of HubPages Inc to give them the rough end of the stick.

But it's easier to police a No Adult Policy then trying to keep in line the ones that aren't so mindful in doing the right thing. It's a never ending battle. One that I've seen played out on a daily basis at Squidoo.

I wish Adult Authors the best in finding a new home. Though there's benefits in not having your eggs in more than one basket (such as having some mainstream projects in addition to your adult stuff).

I do believe HubPages will continue to grow and prosper without the adult part of the equation. It may see a drop off in visitors, but I don't expect it will be detrimental to the long term prospects of HubPages.

If the powers that be ever consider making SmutPages big_smile then I may blow the dust off some of my wife's erotic fiction that she penned when she was younger and publish it online wink

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